Adventures in HAES: Summer Cycle Challenge

ImageSee my bike? Isn’t it beautiful?  When I see my bike, my heart sings and I smile.  I love my bike in a Pee-Wee Herman kind of way.  If it were ever stolen by my arch-enemy I would embark on a cross county mission to recover it.  
Sadly, the last two summers I don’t think I rode my bike more than a few days.  It’s true!  What a travesty that is!  Not only to not for my beautiful bike, sitting on my porch looking pretty and unused but for me!  I enjoy riding my bike and it is definitely something that is good for my body and my health.  It is time for a change. This summer I have resolved to ride my bike most days – even on days when I am going from my one work site to the other! 
To be successful in this venture, I’ve spent some time reflecting on what kept me off my bike in the past two summer, and come up with strategies to counter those barriers, including:
  • being creative about what I wear and be willing to carry around a pair of bike shorts and do a costume change once I get to work
  • not worrying about how the helmet might wreck my hair!  I think this may be one advantage of having let my hair grow longer this year
  • nurturing the habit of looking to my bicycle first as an option for daily transportation, my car second.
And, consider the benefits!
  • increased exercise
  • less gas = more $
  • less parking tickets = more $
My goal this summer is to ride my bike to work *most days*.  If I have to drive all over the city, or it is raining, or one of those terrible ‘period days’ may be days that I rev up my car – but other than, my summer health and fun challenge will be to two-wheel it!  

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