What is Body Image Coaching?…

Whatisbodyimagecoaching….and how is it different from counselling?  How do I know which one is right for me?

That is a very good question!  There are many similarities between coaching and counselling and if you are looking for support in developing a better body image, either of these services could be the type of support you need to start feeling better about yourself.  But which would be the best for you, right now?

You might consider engaging in counselling if your negative feelings about your body are overwhelming and negatively affecting your life.  If you have a hard time even imagining feeling positive about your body, or are looking to understand the roots of your body image issues, counselling may be a good first step for you to take.

Coaching might be more appropriate for you if you have done some work in developing body appreciation, but are feeling stuck in fully integrating your emerging feelings of body-positivism in your life and need support in moving forward to a place of fully engaging in and living your life to the fullest.  People who are ready to set goals and make intentional changes in how they live will appreciate the faster pace and intentionality of Body Image Coaching.

In my BodyImage Coaching practice I will work in partnership with you to set and achieve goals for living a vibrant, body-positive life.  Those goals might include increasing the pleasure and joy your experience living in your body, or taking care of your body with improved nutrition and getting active.  I will work with you to make change, supporting you in clearly seeing your strengths and strategizing how you will get your needs and wants met.  You will bring your wisdom and desire for an improved body image and a vital, body-positive life and I will bring tools to support your achieve your goals.


Body Image Coaching, or Body Image Counselling…which one is right for you?  Why not connect with me and chat about it?  I am available for a free 30 minute consultation via telephone or Skype/Google+  to help you sort through which of these paths to a positive body image are the best option for you right now.


Thank you for reading my post!  

To sign up for my weekly BodyRespect e-zine, full of tips, resources and encouragement for you on your body image journey, go here.

If you would like more information about my Body Image Coaching and Counselling practice, check out my website.  I would love to connect with you!   Appointments available either online or in person if you live in Saskatoon.



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