What is BodyRespect?

BodyRespect is about moving toward unconditional appreciation of our bodies so we can begin to care for ourselves in healthy ways.  It is the process of breaking free from unrealistic societal expectations of beauty and reclaiming a positive relationship with our bodies.

By understanding the Thin Ideal and how it is tied to women’s equality, busting the fat fears (being a larger size person is *not* a death sentence!) and exposing the false promises imbedded in diets (they don’t work!) and finding ways to move our bodies that we enjoy, we can finally joyfully pursue health and not be weighted down with bodyshame.

Elements of BodyRespect

-recognizing the impact of the Thin Ideal and media on how you view your body.
-healing our relationship with food, learning to recognize and honour our feelings of hunger and fullness.
-moving our bodies in ways that we enjoy, and not just to loose weight.
-living in the here and now, not waiting for a fantasy future when we think we might look a certain way to do the things we want to do.
-appreciating our bodies, no matter what our size
-respecting the bodies of other women, refusing to play the body-check game.

At BodyRespect we offer workshops, support groups and one on one private session.  Send us an email to: sydney_bell@me.com  for more information.


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